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Claiming your expenses

If you have incurred expenditure in support of the Society, you may claim reimbursement by completing the Request for Payment form on this web site. In addition, payments can be made to third parties when supported by an appropriate invoice. All claims must be made through this page and all payments will by bank transfer, no cheques will be issued.

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01524 781767

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Public Running

Every Sunday and Bank Holiday from Easter to end of September is a public running day at Cinderbarrow. We need volunteers to run the railway, please come and help! Planning is greatly improved if you can let us know in advance if you are able to come. You can do this on the Operators page on this web site.

Additionally, we occasionally operate private parties with exclusive train rides and use of the club house by the group. They are very popular with children as well as other groups. These events are also listed on the availability pages, and if you are able to help with them, please contact the organiser.

Society Clothing

To place an order for Society clothing with our logo embroidered on please contact:

Ken Hodgson, Tel No: 01524 414159, Email:

or contact the company direct:

Uniform & Leisurewear Company
Phone: 01524 388355

The price list is as follows:

Fleece: £20-34
Polo Shirt: £11-10
Sweatshirt: £12-60

Important Note to members: Unwanted/worn out clothing: Trustees request that members do not pass on unwanted or worn out clothing with the Society logo to charity shops, as non-members would be able to obtain it and pass themselves off as members.

Our Charity Constitution

LMMES 2018 CIO constitution 7Oct18

LMMES Information Asset Register

The following document describes the personal information that the charity maintains about its members in the course of its operations.

LMMES Information Asset Register 23Apr18.pdf