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[Closed] Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING on any topic

Andrew Dunn
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Please post messages that are appropriate for the forum that you post them in.  Posts which are off topic for a particular forum will be removed.  If you would like a new topic created, please contact the administrator (

Posts must not disparage or abuse other members. Inappropriate language will not be allowed and will result in posts being removed.

When asking a question, no question is too simple or too stupid, our aim is to generate open discussion, so please don't criticise others for posting stupid questions.

We recommend that you do not post personal information on the forum. To contact another member, please send them a private message. The Private Message system can be accessed through the forum menu or by clicking on a message author.

You are encouraged to upload a photo to your profile.  You can do this by clicking on "My profile" and uploading your photo where it says "Upload an avatar".

If you have any suggestions, please contact the administrator (

That's it. Enjoy!