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Cinderbarrow News 8 - 31 Dec 2020

Andrew Dunn
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Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope with the vaccines now coming on line in 2021 it will be a better and safer year for us all. In the meantime stay safe, warm and sane. Bump up the heat in the workshop.


Cinderbarrow News: You may not have noticed but the last News was numbered six but should have been number seven. There was a earlier six so either way don’t think you have missed an addition.


Our Limited Company: After 41 years as a Limited Company we finally got our lease transferred to the Chartitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Our new Charity based Society came through and was registered with the Land Registry allowing us to finally wind up the Company. Shortly before Christmas the Financial Conduct Authority agreed to our request to cancel the Company thereby ending a long chapter in the Society’s history.


Carriage Shed: Work on the new shed is continuing when allowed. The roof is in place and the building secure. All materials required to finish it are in place and it looks to be coming in well under budget. If you look at our web site you will see lots of photos of the progress so do look at the site as there is much to see.


Subscriptions: I have been asked by both our Membership Secretary and our Treasurer to remind you to please pay your Subscription for 2021 if you haven’t already done so. I understand that over two thirds of our members have already renewed and most have done so using the bank transfer system recently introduced.


Our Treasurer has informed me that he is looking into the direct debit system to see if that could be utilised by the Society at acceptable cost for next years renewals but more about that in the future.


LMMES Forum: Just a reminder about the forum recently set up for members. Do make use of it as it can, if enough members get involved, become a useful tool within the club. Initially it might be an idea to give the Secretary a nod if you use it and certainly if you put items for sale on it. We can then highlight your entry in future editions of News.


Gauge One: Work has started on the Gauge One track in the copse. The area has been fenced off and wood clippings for weed control laid and it is hoped, subject to coronavirus restrictions, to be operational by the spring. Unfortunately the new tier four restrictions don’t help.


Sad news: I am sorry to have to inform you that Karl Latimer died on Monday and his funeral is on the 11th January. His daughter Sally Knill told me that the service will be streamed on line so if you would like information about the funeral and streaming do let me know.


I am sure that the thoughts of our members will be Karl’s family at this difficult time .


Finally for 2020: A bright New year beckons us with a promise of inoculations to protect us after another lockdown. Do stay safe but get in your workshop and do tell us what your latest project is. (Mine is re gauging to gauge one a Harry Potter Hogwart Express for the pleasure of children, and adults, visiting our new Gauge one track).

So what’s yours?



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