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[Closed] Cinderbarrow News 18 Nov 2020

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Lancaster and Morecambe Model Engineering Society Cinderbarrow News (Number 6)
18th November 2020

Wow. What a year it has been with the Coronavirus, lockdowns, shops, pubs, restaurants and even our railway closed. Some societies did run trains for the public but we decided that for the safety of our members and our supporting public not to do so.

I have not heard of any of our members suffering from the virus and I hope that is correct and continues. Is it because so many of us have been happy being isolated in workshops? I do know there will be some nice models to view next year whenever we can open.

Your Committee are starting to think about the future and what we need to do to allow us to run trains for the public, maybe on a less frequent basis than before but still bringing life back into the club. There has been quite a lot going on in the club so things haven’t been totally dead and on the social side we did manage one Members Running Day though the one planned for October had to be cancelled because of the restrictions imposed in Lancashire.

Bob Dickie’s term of office as President of the Society came to a end at the AGM and I am sure the Officers of the Society will miss his regular sound advice but we still look forward to seeing him at Cinderbarrow when things return to normal.

We have a new ‘Mister’ President in the form of Malcolm Ford and we look forward to seeing a lot of Malcolm and his advice during his two year term of office. He has already suggested that we consider introducing a Presidents Weekend or Day possibly in place of our normal Open Day. We look forward to many more suggestions and sound advice.

So other than coronavirus and lockdowns what else has been going on?


As you know we had to hold our AGM by video conferencing and this worked fairly well. We used Google Meet set up for us by our Treasurer Andrew Dunn. It did the job well and was free.

We had nine members on line and twenty proxy votes allowing us to nicely exceed our quorum requirements. All the motions were passed allowing us to move forward into another Society year and file our Report and Accounts with the Charity Commission.

A slightly reduced number of members were present for the Limited Companies AGM and the following officers were appointed to oversee the closure of the Company when we are able.
Chairman: Geoff Martell
Vice Chairman: John Mckay
Secretary: David Wilson
Treasurer: Andrew Dunn.

Following the AGM and conforming to the Charity Commission rules your Committee met and appointed the following Officers for the Charity:
Chairman: Mark Brown
Vice Chairman: John Mckay
Secretary: David Wilson
Treasurer: Andrew Dunn

The other trustees/Committee Members are:
Adrian Dixon, Bevis Mulholland and Dave Wood.

As we were unable to have a informal part to the AGM this year, when the Coronavirus situation eases we will invite you to a open meeting with a open agenda to help the Committee point the club in the direction members want it to go. In the meantime don’t hesitate in sending any suggestions you might have to the Chairman, Secretary or any Committee Members.

Carriage Shed.

The Tuesday and Sunday Gangs have been joined by some new members and the Shed is fully erected, waterproof, secure and Bevis Mulholland is installing the electrics. The materials for the roof and cladding are on order and will probably have been delivered by the time you read this. I must say that I have been most impressed by the teamwork and enthusiasm, led by David Blamire and planned by Martin Sams, that I have witnessed on visits to site.

If you look at the Clubs web site you will find quite a few photographs of the shed construction to date. These have been taken by our new President Malcolm Ford.

Cinderbarrow Lease Transfer.

After three years of negotiation and waiting the transfer of our lease from the Limited Company to the Charity is complete and registered with the Land Registry. We are now able to proceed with the wind up of the Limited Company as agreed at the last three AGMs.

We are making progress with the transfer of the whole Cinderbarrow site to the Society following the intervention of our City Councillor, Peter Yates and County Councillor Philippa Williamson. It’s about five years since we were first approached by the County Council with a proposal that we should take over the whole site and after several frustrating years it looks like we might make progress in the near future. Once we have a sight of the terms offered the Committee will consult with members as to how we proceed.

Gauge One.

The County Council have given us permission to commence work on constructing a continuous gauge one track in the copse opposite the entrance to our car park pending the formal issue of a license to occupy the land. The Gauge One Group are a very enthusiastic group and they would welcome club members who would be interested in joining them. Once the lockdown ends you will find them active on Tuesdays and some Sundays. Do pop down and talk to them.

Membership Fees.

You should have received a email from our Membership Secretary Tony Marshall to remind you that fees are now due for 2021 and explaining the different methods by which you can pay. If you haven’t paid and you haven’t received the email please let Tony know on . Thank you to all those who have already paid.

New Members

We have seen a slow but steady flow of new members some who have already become active in the club by getting involved in construction and maintenance. Do make them welcome if you meet them on site.

Amazon Smile.

Our Treasurer, Andrew Dunn, has signed us up with Amazon Smile that allows charities to benefit from purchases from Amazon. If you or your family do buy things from Amazon and sign up for Smile nominating our club as their nominated charity the club will get a small portion of the amount you spend as a donation from Amazon. Donors names or purchase details will not be issued to the club and therefore your donation will be anonymous. Please do make use of Smile and help the club. The best way to find Smile is to use the following address:

Electronic Passenger Donating

Our Treasurer has been researching electronic giving which means our passengers can make donations using their credit or debit card. Apparently many other organisations are making use of electronic giving with success.

We have decided to use the equipment and services of a company called Goodbox and plan to have the equipment on the inner track platform alongside the cash donation box in the middle of the platform entrance. It will involve some sort of shelter for the unit as being electronic it needs to be protected from rain.

If the system works and increases donations we will consider installing one on the outer platform.

One spin off from this is that as the equipment works over the internet WiFi will be available at Cinderbarrow for members use.

Newsletter Editor:

For many years the Society has published a Newsletter for the benefit of members. Andrew Dunn was doing a superb job until he took on the Treasurers role and it was asking too much of him to carry out both roles. We therefore have vacancy for editor and hence this request.

The Cinderbarrow News is not that type of Newsletter with articles and photographs but is basically for regular news updates from the Secretary and is not intended to replace a more readable product with photos published three or four times a year.

Would you be interested in taking on this role and becoming one of the team? Plenty of help, advice and encouragement will be available If you would like to consider becoming our Editor, without any obligation, contact the Secretary or any committee member.

Our Website:

We have an excellent website with a members section and I’m not sure how many members look at it. I do know that only half the membership have registered to view the Members Section and wonder why? Just Google LMMES and it will take you to the website then press Member Login in the option bar. If you haven’t already registered you will be able to do so by following the instructions.

If you you have any suggestions to improve the site do let our Treasurer know. (it’s another one of his responsibilities). One of the things we are considering is starting a Cinderbarrow Forum where members can ask for advice about anything pertaining to our hobby This would allow any of us to ask a question and hopefully get a reply. Members could put photos of their models in the forum, items for sale or wanted or even just general chat and contact with other members.

More anon.

Useful contact details.

Mark Brown:
John McKay:
David Wilson:
Andrew Dunn:
Tony Marshall: